• Sacred Directions- personal transformation through shamanism
         The best part of the class was looking back over the year and seeing how each of us grew.  Its like each of us were
        new people by the end. A truly amazing transformation!  It taught me to look at life, my past, my present, and my
        future in an entirely different way.  By changing my perceptions, I was able to heal in ways that I didn't know possible.
        I have so many tools in my toolbox and the confidence to use them!- Stefanie

        This class bought healing and understanding on a whole universal level to my being.  It helped open doors and
        opportunities, while bringing peace and clarity to my heart, mind, body and soul.  You really have to experience it to
        understand it. -Ashely

        The healing aspects- the tools- the techniques- methods- that can all be incorporated into my life were the best parts
        of class. The depth of journeying and healing was a balm to my soul.  The openness and connection built into our         group was refreshing. The acceptance allowed me to open up more fully and allowed for a well-rounded healing          experience.  The life perspective of shamanism was interesting and brought a deeper level of understanding to the         Universe.  I now have tools to learn and understand more about my life and the lives of those around me.  This brings         more compassion to the way I lead my life/  I especially appreciate the knowledge gained about how people in my         childhood affected how I live and how I can step away from that.- Amanda
  • Opening Your Third Eye

        I had a lovely time.  I learned a lot of interesting things.  The most important was to trust myself. --- Barb Dillon

  • The Elemental Series

    I always look forward to Kristina's training sessions.  They reveal something about myself, my world and the people around me that I didn't see or understand before.  She introduced perspectives, traditions and ceremonies that brought healing and acceptance to my sense of self.  She lives what she teaches.  I trust that she has the personal power and integrity to help me realize my own power. --- Ann F.

  • Master Class - Advanced Shamanic Techniques 

     have had the opportunity this past weekend to take Hozho' Healing's Advanced Shamanic Techniques master class.  Being very concerned on how I might grasp everything in this class, I packed my things and started class for two and a half days of intensive training.  I can say that by the end of our first day I was completely at ease with the structure, content and formality of Kristina Nez Begay's methodology of teaching.  You can relate to her on all levels.  She's extremely passionate in what she does and it shows when you’re in her classroom.  She breaks down techniques and methods that you can understand, make your own and turn around to use them to be of service to the clients that come to you for Shamanic Healing. Kristina keeps you engaged the entire time you are in her classroom.  She speaks to everyone with integrity, compassion and understanding.  I'm so grateful that I have had the opportunity to take this class and looking forward to putting my new skills to use.  I will be looking forward to expanding my knowledge of shamanism with the classes offered by Hozho Healing!

    Michelle Travisano – Manitowoc, WI

  • Healing Sessions

        I went for a shamanic healing last month having never experienced this type of healing before.  I felt Divinely guided to Kristina through a series of ways leading up to scheduling with her.  My experience was safe and supported comfortably throughout.  I resonated with everything in her space and felt immediately comfortable, even with a new healing experience and practitioner.  I was able to take my time before and after with questions and processing the experience with her.  After the healing session, I felt some heavy energy had released and over the last month I have recognized positive shifts within and around me.  She has intuitive gifts and brought an important person to me in Spirit during my healing. I support and recommend her.- Heather Muszynski


  • I had the opportunity to attend an evening with Mike and Kristina.  The atmosphere was intimate, inviting and filled with a high energy.  I was totally captivated with the transformation that took place each time Mike and Kristina engaged with spirit and the living; sharing personal stories and special memories that brought forth real emotions and connections.  This was an experience that I will treasure and not forget. -Leann B.