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In this 4-part series focusing on Earth, Air, Water, Fire, you will explore different ways to live life with more purpose and conscious mindfulness  By incorporating this into your routine, you can develop and maintain wellness.

This program is designed to be open to all experience levels and backgrounds and can be taken in whole or just one class.

Earth- learning grounding exercises to center and relax your mind and body and take control of our life in times of stress. You will be led on a guided shamanic drum journey to the belly of Mother Earth. Here you can send healing to the earth and discover your own "seeds" of potentiality and energetically plant, feed, and grow them. You can work with imprinting these things into physical seeds that you can take home to continue observing the expansion process. You will have an opportunity to participate in a beautiful cedar blessing with a partner.

Air- you will learn different breath work techniques that are easy to do at home on your own. These techniques are designed to aid and assist in letting go of unwanted emotions and heavy energy. You can use guided meditations and visualizations to uncover a mantra that serves your highest good. You can work with your breath to bring inspiration to your life and use bubbles to send out your gratitude and blessings for healing.

Water- you will learn about how water is easily imprintable and healing. You will be guided in a drum journey to discover what is missing your life and to fill yourself up with personal power and energetic healing. You will have an opportunity to imprint your water bottle and the water inside so that it becomes truly nourishing to you inside and out. You will have an opportunity to participate in a water ceremony to bring blessings and healing.

Fire- you will have an opportunity to explore how forgiveness releases you and the other person through a writing exercise. Then you may participate in a guided shamanic journey to sit with you inner self and uncover your primal fears. You will use fire medicine for quick transformation to burn off the energetic fibers that attach you to your fears. You will have an opportunity to participate in a fire ceremony which is used to aid and assist in bringing intense healing to your life.

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