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Mastering Your Mesa

April 25 & 26, 2020 Sat: 9am-9pm, Sun 9a-3pm at Hozho’ Healing Whitelaw, WI

**course is half price for those taking as refresher. contact us at to get coupon code.**
Teri Nehring has been practicing as a trained psychotherapist in the counseling field for over 30 years. She is an avid student and teacher of the energetic arts. She began her travels to Peru and working with the various tribes of spiritual and medicine people in the Andes and in the jungle 8 years ago. She has lived in the culture and continues to make trios several times a year. She has dedicated her life to walking the spiritual path and is passionate about sharing the work and practices with all who desire to learn.

This is a master level class for those who desire to continue understanding and working with their Mesa. In this class, you will understand the mesa in the traditional way that the Paco’s learn as they train in their spiritual paths. You will gain understanding of how to prepare yourself, your sacred space and connect with land spaces and the spirits. You will learn to open and close pachas and your mesa as you are exploring and working in your practices.

Mastering The Mesa

The mesa is wonderful tool that can be used in a variety of ways for exploration, information and guiding us as we travel our spiritual paths.

Many have started on the path of completing medicine wheels and trainings as the journey started with connecting, exploring and assembling a mesa.

Practices and techniques may have included your own observation and realizations about yourself, your own healing and building the spiritual and sacred into everyday life.

Mastering your mesa focuses on deepening your exploration, understanding and practice. It begins to build on traditional teachings and practices of the InkanPacos(medicine people) as they have come to understand, work with and maintain energy.

This class is for you…


*You have a mesa and have completed or are near completing a training program.

*You have a desire to advance and deepen your understanding of your Mesa, introducing,

opening and closing Pacha’s or a space.

*In the this class you will continue to learn practices that will deepen your connection to yourself, the Mesa, Pachamama and the cosmos.

*Begin to see, understand and organize your Mesa as a field of living energy.

*Understand the difference between a Khuya and a sacred stone.
* Explore and build your relationship with your Khuyas(stones) in your mesa through

understanding their spiritual qualities and energy. You will be making decisions about your

stones, how they are working and if you want to keep them in the Mesa and what to do if they

are not working and how to introduce a new stone.

*Learn how create sacred space, introduce and connect with different spaces and deepen your relationship with the Pachamamas and Spirits
* Practice the beginning levels of of maintaining the energy and health in your Mesa. Misah K’ichay and Misah W’atay
*Learn the practice/ceremony of K’intu Mesa in and outside of your Mesa.
*Understand Hucha(negative energies) and The process of purification(Ch’uan Ch’akuy)

*Learn how to purify your Khuyas.

*Learn to create an ancient Despacho using 5 ingredients.

To view our calendar of upcoming events, retreats and trainings please click on the View Calendar of Events button.