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Sunday, March 1, 2020 9a-4p at Hozho Healing Whitelaw, WI. register here

Reiki is a noninvasive, Japanese healing modality. Reiki promotes balance and wellness utilizing universal life force energy. It reduces stress and inflammation, speeds healing, and helps comfort the (person/child). Reiki assists in removing heavy emotions and negative thoughts that would otherwise create energetic blocks. If left this may manifest to a state of dis-ease and lead to physical and/or emotional health conditions.

Reiki is for personal wellness. It affects the whole person, the whole-body aspect, and does not need to be directed. It goes where it is needed. This would benefit by creating fewer sick days, and an easier day mentally/emotionally for both the teachers and the children. It provides better group dynamics. Reiki clears the energy pathway and increases the natural flow; there by encouraging the body to innately heal itself! Reiki is versatile in how it can be provided. It can be done on a traditional massage table, in a one on one setting, or sent out to a classroom of children. Whether the tone of the situation is serene and peaceful or distraught and chaotic, the Reiki is equally beneficial. Reiki can also be sent through a handshake or applying your hand on someone’s shoulder.

This affect is not only for the person receiving but also the party giving. It serves the parents and caregivers well as you are not using your own stores of your own energy. Rather you are a channel for this healing. Everyone involved benefits. Hospitals around the world are now offering this service for speeding healing and maintaining well-being.

As providers, teachers, and parents, we must be at our best to be able to provide quality care and support for others. By offering Reiki training in your facility, you are promoting holistic, whole person wellness.

Come explore the history and uses of this Japanese healing modality. Reiki can be very helpful in releasing blocked energy, aiding in pain management, promoting relaxation, and speeding the healing process. In this class, you will be attuned in Reiki lineage and both receive and give a session. Upon completion, you will be able to perform first degree Reiki on yourself and others within close proximity.