Use Your Inner Voice to Paint


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Susan Major

The artist, Susan Major’s experience includes a Design degree, 25 plus years as a teacher, and participating in many enrichment painting classes.  She studies Reiki Healing. Susan has completed a Creatively Fit Coach Certificate with Whitney Freya. Currently, she teaches classes at The Conservancy of Healing & Heritage in Franklin, WI. You can preview some Susan’s work and learn more information about the benefits of painting on :

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Use Your Inner Voice to  Paint Schedule:
Saturday, Nov. 12: 11 am - 2:30 pm

Use Your Inner Voice to  Paint

Come take a risk with painting a canvas in a new way and learn that everyone is creative. Bring balance to your life by playing on the canvas without perfection. Take hold of your curiosity while learning the new. Quiet your mind.  Step towards Trusting and Manifesting your Inner Voice and Potential and Soak up the Healing Energy of your own Creative Joy.

A Few Benefits:

    • Feel the Joy of your unlimited creative potential.
    • Relax at the canvas and connect to your higher intentions.
    • Play with paint without an outcome.
    • Welcome, Balance in your busy mind.
    • Take risks without your inner critic .
    • Throw perfectionism away.
    • Trust your inner guidance.
    • Create opportunities, instead of mistakes (Present Work in Progress, 5th layer my spirit animal turtle )
    • Laugh and have fun with creatives  like you.
    • Breathe in self-satisfaction.


  •  Art & Meditative exercises will spark your artist within & connect to  your Spirit
  • Set Positive Intentions to activate the right brain bringing balance.
  • Play, Play, Play with color in the present moment forgetting outcomes.
  • Paint with your quiet nudges from within.
  • Bathe in the positive energy our group creates on the canvas.

Susan provides everything you need, brushes, paint, a 12 x 16 canvas, and doda’s. If you have your own materials, let her know. Bring a journal and pencil, snacks, lunch, personal drinks,  a hairdryer, and wear older clothes, painting can be positively messy.  If you happen to have a portable easel, please bring it.

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