• Soulful Courageous Living

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     Soulful Courageous Living with Theresa Marie Falvey from State of Grace at Hozho’ Healing $75 *Are you done Settling? Settling for living a life that doesn't fill you up with passion, joy and love? It's time to start saying Yes to you and the life you desire to step into! Together we will create a safe place for healing, courage, unconditional love and curiosity! From there you can create Soulful Shift in your life! Creating/Living on Purpose. Creating/Living Intentionally. Thus Living a more Soulful Courageous Life! Space Limited! Please register early if you would like to join us.

    About Theresa Marie Falvey:

    "I am pretty positive that my purpose in this life is to serve and my intention is to create successful community outsourced impact on the lakeshore. I love what I GET to do for a living and I also love that I GET to be a guide to those that choose me on their journey of living their best life! Healing and change start inside with each and every one of us. Together we are better! My focus in all of this to facilitate the merging of the mind, the body and the spirit to create whole health and empowerment. 

    Being authentic and transparent with everyone I meet is what I believe are a few of my greatest assets — connecting and forming relationships with people. It’s about human connection. Allowing people to be seen and heard is important to my work. Within the walls of State of Grace, you will find a space that feels comfortable, safe and nurturing, allowing everyone that comes in to feel welcome and at home. I live to be a beacon of opportunity and possibility, to those that want to step into the life ... the person that they deserve and are worth living and being. This space is waiting for all of us and my wish is everyone eventually chooses to better for themselves and their lives.

    I will continue every day to thrive on being a positive, active member in the community doing what I can to help create a better today and tomorrow.My life has definitely been a whirl wind of a journey from Lake Michigan to the majestic Rocky Mountains and then back to the inspiring waves of Lake Michigan. Just like the waves as so does our life move through ebbs and flows, but it’s how we choose to show up and ride the waves that makes all the difference in our lives. My intention is to keep riding these waves with as much grace, gratitude and heart that my being can handle".