The Empath's Toolbox

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March 2 (Sat) The Empath's Toolbox 10a-1230p at 6341 County Rd X Depere, WI Do you notice that you take on other people's heavy energy? Do you feel someone's pain and emotions, even when they do not physically show it? Are people drawn to you for advice, but you often find that their problem has somehow become yours? If you recognize yourself in this description, chances are, you are an empathic person. In this class, you will learn ways to clear the heaviness of others from your energy field through movement, visualization, and intention. Students will experience grounding meditations along with a clearing and healing journey to restore their reserve of personal power. Join Kristina Nez Begay and discover how to set healthy boundaries and stand in your own Light to develop a discipline that serves your highest good.