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Contributing Author Of Best-Selling Book

I am passionate about sharing my experiences, insights, and visions with others. Hozho’ Healing was created out of my own personal healing. It is the result of knowing and crafting my own gifts. I have an internal drive to help you understand and apply these concepts and practices that produce big changes. Why…because they work!

Three main focuses of our work are Spiritual Mediumship, Sacred Directions – personal healing through shamanism and Handcrafted Drums. These techniques will take you into a deep dive as you explore and source from your internal world, the natural world, and your ancestral lineage- where your true nature and power lies.

Hozho’ Healing offers a full line of spiritual wellness supplies, crystals, books, clothing, jewelry, sacred and ceremonial items, artisan crafted items, and products from around the world. Kristina creates beautiful handcrafted drums in sacred space and are designed to bring healing all created in sacred space to bring healing to anyone that hears it or plays it. As an activist, I weave together the aspect of myself, as a healer, artist, and activist, to bring awareness to things that are difficult to look at and to bring healing to the soul and lives of those that are impacted. Her award-winning drum tells a story and brings awareness to different aspects of life, struggle, resilience within Indian Country. What began as a one woman show continues with the same energy of humbleness, familiarity, and motivation to educate and empower others through personal wellness and conscious living.

Story of Our Logo

The Hozho’ Healing logo with the hands brings together the connection to both our ancestors and our children. Largest to smallest handprint, are my father’s, my own, and my daughter’s. Each one of us has a responsibility to walk in beauty and live in gratitude to ensure the integrity of our future survival. We owe our lives to our ancestors. They are supporting us through all their experiences. I choose to see the gifts and lessons from my ancestor’s lives as the stepping stones on my own journey, providing wisdom and reflection.

The colors have meaning as well. Red represents of the blood of our biological lineage continuing through time. For the love we have for one another, and unconditional love of the Creator. The oldest and youngest hands are black like the fleeting of time, and a call to action for each individual to be present and live to the fullest. All our thoughts and actions are imprinted in the world around us demonstrated by the color black. It reminds us to create the world we want and to live authentically. How we live is reflected by those who choose to follow our lead.

The duality of red and black together signify the duality of the night of Father Sky and the blood of Mother Earth- her waters and rivers. May we live in balance within ourselves and with the natural world.

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Sacred Directions offers participants the opportunity to create changes in their life on an energetic level that ripples out to the physical realm. This type of medicine is important because it generationally heals you, your predecessors, and your successors. The burdens and heavy experiences of our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and so on are interwoven into our physical DNA and effect your energetic and luminous field.

YOU are birthed into this world carrying the experiences of others. Over time you accumulate heavy baggage of your own as you grow and live life. These experiences are toxic to your system and can cause unnecessary stress on the mind, body, and spirit leading to a state of dis-ease. If left unaddressed, an energetic block is created within the body and can lead to serious physical illnesses or death. When you begin to understand that you are an energetic being and learn to maintain your own energy, you will be able to take back your
power and manage your own personal wellness.

The Sacred Directions program uses earth medicine and shamanic energy healing techniques to transform your life experiences by mending wounds, traumas, and heavy emotions. Through this comprehensive training, YOU will be able to create the life you desire.


I am honored and excited to teach you how to connect to the Spirit World. This is a sacred experience and powerful way to communicate with our loved ones who have passed. They have a wealth of knowledge to share as evidence that life continues.

The medium works in service to the spirit world and is a clear channel providing the story of their life to their loved ones without ego and interpretation. Our courses are designed to meet your needs. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, you will be able to expand and refine your skills.


There are three levels of options for handcrafted drums to help you easily choose the right option for your needs. All of our drums are created by an enrolled tribal member of the Navajo Nation. Every drum comes with a tag that describes the medicine of the animal hide and a card indicating it is an authentic American Indian made product. A beater is included with your purchase and they all have a loop for easy hanging. All of our drums and turtle shell rattles are created in sacred space and smudged.


12” Kids Drum or “Grandma” Drum is smaller in size and easier to hold because of less weight. This is a nice sized drum for a child up to about 11 or 12 or someone preferring a smaller size drum. Important note: the tone of a drum is deeper and more intense with larger size. If you are purchasing for a lower tone and more reverberation, please choose 15” drum.

  • $185.00 ELK, DEER, HORSE, GOAT
  • $195.00 BUFFALO
  • $205.00 BEAR


15” Hand Drum on 10 Layer Maple Frame for Durability

  • $205.00 ELK, DEER, HORSE, GOAT
  • $215.00 BUFFALO
  • $245.00 BEAR


Customizations for a Truly Personal Touch

  • $20 – add a 16 sided cedar frame
  • $10 – add a colored beater – choose from purple, black, red, blue, turquoise
  • $15 – add a color to your drum frame – choose from purple, black (matte or gloss), aqua, green, cherry wood, or sea foam.

Have another color in mind? We can probably do it!


Medicine Drum : Have personal meeting with Kristina either over the phone or video conferencing to discuss what you want to get out of your drum and how it will be used. Kristina will intuitively connect to you and the animal hide and create a drum that specifically weaves together your medicine. You are encouraged to bring any blessings, gratitude, or intentions to your session that you would like to include. It will be imprinted into your drum during the creation process to bring energetic healing to you every time it is played. Your piece of functional art will be named, dated, and signed. A video that highlights the meaning of your drum and the details will be posted on the Hozho’ Healing you tube channel for you to access anytime and share with your friends.

  • $222 – add to drum of your choice


Kristina Nez Begay Dine’ (Navajo) is a spiritual medium, master energy healer and trainer, author, inspirational speaker, sound and healing school instructor, drum maker, Indigenous Breastfeeding Counselor, and owner of Hozho’ Healing LLC.

Kristina’s teaching style creates connection and engages the class. She explains abstract concepts in a way that you can understand and encourages you to find your own answers from within. The fluidity of her voice and spoken word guide you in meditation and journey with her drums and rattles. Her wealth of knowledge and teachings help you to walk in beauty and live in gratitude.

Kristina holds an Associate degree in Liberal Arts from the Milwaukee Area Technical College and Bachelor of Arts in American Indian Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She has trained and worked with many spiritual teachers throughout the world.

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