Now accepting applications for the September 2023 trip! Click HERE to apply!

Plant Medicine Retreat


September 12-19, 2023

  • The early bird price of *$4,000 (regular *$4,200) includes the following:
  • 7 nights at the beautiful cozy & intimate Villa Inti Wasi Retreat center in San Mateo, Costa Rica
  • Located at canopy level of the jungle on the side of the mountain
  • Pacific ocean views at sunset
  • Shared or private rooms (based on availability) with luxury bedding and decorative hand made beds
  • Private transportation to and from the San Jose airport and to and from Covid testing site
  • A personal chef for all meals who will prepare fresh, gourmet, mindful meals with fresh local produce suitable for working with medicinal plants
  • On site outdoor pool
  • On site translator
  • Time to walk the sacred medicine land in a tropical setting home to local wildlife
  • A small, intimate retreat experience with less than 10 people. We have rented the entire retreat center so that each guest can have the opportunity to spend time working on their own personal journey
  • 4 nightly ayahuasca ceremonies led by Jairo, a skilled Ayahuasquero from the Peruvian indigenous Cocama tribe
  • Individual daily consultations with Jairo – This type of access and personalized attention is usually not available at other retreat centers
  • Optional daily integration circle
  • Plenty of opportunities to journal, reflect, process, and find rest for your soul
  • 4 group meetings via zoom before the trip to discuss preparation and planning in regards to travel, La Dieta, and mental, physical and emotional preparation
  • 4 group meetings via zoom after we return home to discuss reintegration
  • Option to book rain forest massages (must be pre-booked before departure, based on availability.)
A little more about our Ayahuasquero, Jairo:

Jairo has learned to prepare the medicine and lead Ayahuasca ceremonies from his father Don Julio Llerena Pinedo. Don Julio was world renowned and among the first people to introduce this work and medicine to westerners in the 1960’s through the journalist Peter Gorman.

Jairo is well accustomed to working with Westerners. His father, who served Westerners and locals over 40 years, taught Jairo how to prepare Ayahuasca and heal through Iquaros (energetic medicine songs).

Inti Wasi co-founders Pol and Teri have been working with Jairo since 2012. They have both experienced and witnessed incredible life transformations through Jairo’s heart-centered work.

Each person is responsible for booking and paying for their own flights & trip insurance (required).

We will coordinate our flights as a group to assure we can all travel together from the airport to the retreat center and back. If guests choose flights that do not coordinate with the group’s, they will be required to book their own transportation. All guests are required to have a valid international passport that is no less than 6 months from expiration as of the date of departure.

Once your booking is approved, a $999 non refundable deposit is required.

Payment Plans

Now accepting applications for the September 2023 trip! Click HERE to apply!

Option 1

  • Pay in full within 14 days at the early bird rate *4,000 (regular $4,200)
  • (Your payment includes your $999 non-refundable deposit)

Option 2

  • $999 non-refundable deposit
  • Remaining early bird rate of *$3,121 to be made in 4 monthly payments of *$780.25 each (regular *$3,321 in 4 payments of $830.25)
  • (This option includes the additional $120 service fee)
Important Terms

* Additional fees for payment plans. All payment plans will be auto withdrawn on the same day as your initial purchase date, every month after your deposit is paid in full, until your trip is paid in full. All payments due no later than August 12th, 2023.

* Price does not include airfare, travel between home and airport, required trip insurance, covid test/s, additional transportation, snacks, alcohol, spa treatments or excursions outside of retreat center. Each person is responsible for booking and paying for their own flights & trip insurance (highly recommended).

* Round trip transportation ($150 per person) and tips ($80 per person) are extra. Alternatively you can book your own transport to and from the hotel, which may be significantly more expensive.

* No refunds on deposit. No refunds on trip payments within 60 days of departure. Application process is required (if your application is not accepted by us, then we will refund your deposit.)