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About Kristina

I am passionate about sharing my experiences, insights, and visions with others. Hozho’ Healing was created out of my own personal healing. It is the result of knowing and crafting my own gifts. I have an internal drive to help you understand and apply these concepts and practices that produce big changes. Why…because they work!

Three main focuses of our work are Spiritual Mediumship, Sacred Directions (personal healing through shamanism) and Handcrafted Drums. These techniques will take you into a deep dive as you explore and source from your internal world, the natural world, and your ancestral lineage- where your true nature and power lies.

Hozho’ Healing offers a full line of spiritual wellness supplies, crystals, books, clothing, jewelry, sacred and ceremonial items, artisan crafted items, and products from around the world. We specialize in creating our own line of hand drums and turtle shell rattles that are crafted by an enrolled tribal member of the Navajo Nation. What began as a one woman show continues with the same energy of humbleness, familiarity, and motivation to educate and empower others through personal wellness and conscious living.

Healing is in Her Roots

Kristina Nez Begay Dine’ (Navajo) is a spiritual medium, master energy healer and trainer, inspirational speaker, sound and healing school instructor, indigenous artist & drum maker, certified Indigenous Breastfeeding Counselor, and owner of Hozho’ Healing LLC. She is a contributing author of the best-selling book, The Last Breath: True Stories of Mediumship, the Afterlife, & Messages from Heaven. Kristina is also a Reiki Master, past life regression facilitator, and facilitates trainings to help heal intergenerational trauma.

Kristina holds an Associate degree in Liberal Arts from the Milwaukee Area Technical College and Bachelor of Arts in American Indian Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She has trained and worked with many spiritual teachers throughout the world.

Her full-time employment includes helping others recognize their full potential by guiding them to remember who they are and responding with love to their journey. She currently lives on a farm in Wisconsin. Much time is spent connecting to the land. She leads many ceremonies and teaches her children to honor all life and live in right relationship. Intent, love, and gratitude are at the forefront of daily life.

Kristina’s teaching style creates connection and engages the class. She explains abstract concepts in a way that you can understand and encourages you to find your own answers from within. The fluidity of her voice and spoken word guide you in meditation and journey with her drums and rattles. Kristina helps other learn to live consciously and with intent.

Her wealth of knowledge and teachings help you to walk in beauty and live in gratitude.


Sacred Directions offers participants the opportunity to create changes in their life on an energetic level that ripples out to the physical realm. 

This transformational program uses earth medicine and shamanic energy healing techniques to transform your life experiences by mending wounds, traumas, and heavy emotions. Through this comprehensive training, YOU will be able to create the life you desire.


I am honored and excited to teach you how to connect to the Spirit World. Whether you are a beginner or experienced, you will be able to expand and refine your skills. This sacred experience is a powerful way to communicate with our loved ones who have passed. 


I am an Indigenous artist specializing in drums and other sacred tools. I understand the importance of right relationship and creating from a good place. Making drums is more than the physical process, allowing movement beyond the basic mechanics, turning it into something deeper and more meaningful. Within each drum is my prayer to bring healing to all People and Mother Earth.