About Kristina

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Healing is in My Roots

My Connection with the Spirit World…

Has been present since the beginning. I was always in communication with loved ones in the Spirit World and did not realize that not everyone had these same faculties. At one point in my life, I even tried to push it away unsuccessfully. Living authentically meant choosing to honor the architect’s plan.

In order to fulfill my soul’s purpose, I sought out formal training to learn techniques to teach others how to connect with loved ones in the Spirit World. I am honored to carry on Mavis Pittilla’s legacy and after many years of mentorships, I am an Authorized and Fully Certificated Teacher through Mavis Pittilla and Jean Else. I bring healing to both worlds through Spirit Communication.

My Expression as an Artist…

Flows through my creation of handcrafted drums, rattles, and sacred tools. Each of these tools are created in sacred space and designed to bring insight, clarity, and healing. As an award-winning Indigenous artist, I am able to weave together stories within the work that shed light and awareness on both struggles and resilience in Indian Country and around the world.

My Growth as a Healer…

Began with my own struggle with illness. When I felt like I had exhausted all available resources, I chose to seek out alternative methods of healing. My challenges with health and wellness were truly a blessing that I turned into a catalyst for change. My healing was so profound that I knew this was part of my soul’s purpose to share with others and I never looked back. 

The techniques I utilize can take you into a deep dive as you explore and source from your internal world, the natural world, and your ancestral lineage- where your true nature and power lies.

My Creation of Hozho’ Healing…

Began as a one woman show. This continues today with the same energy of humbleness, familiarity, and motivation to educate and empower others through personal wellness and conscious living.

I am passionate about sharing my experiences, insights, and visions with others. Hozho’ Healing was created from my journey of personal healing and is the result of knowing and crafting my own gifts. I have an internal drive to share my wealth of knowledge and teachings to help you to learn how to walk in beauty and live in gratitude.



As a Mavis Pittilla Authorized and Fully Certificated Teacher, I am honored and excited to share with you how to blend with the Spirit World. 

This sacred act is a powerful way to communicate with our loved ones who have passed and bring healing to both worlds. 


I am an Indigenous artist specializing in drums and other sacred tools. I understand the importance of right relationship and creating from a good place.

Making drums is more than the physical process, allowing movement beyond the basic mechanics, turning it into something deeper and more meaningful. Within each drum is my prayer to bring healing to all People and Mother Earth.


Sacred Directions offers participants the opportunity to create changes in their life on an energetic level that ripples out to the physical realm.

This transformational program uses earth medicine and shamanic energy healing techniques to transform your life experiences by mending wounds, traumas, and heavy emotions.