Story of Our Logo

Supportive Hands

The Hozho’ Healing logo with the hands brings together the connection to both our ancestors and our children. Largest to smallest handprint, are my father’s, my own, and my daughter’s.

Each one of us has a responsibility to walk in beauty and live in gratitude to ensure the integrity of our future survival. We owe our lives to our ancestors. They are supporting us through all their experiences. I choose to see the gifts and lessons from my ancestor’s lives as the stepping stones on my own journey, providing wisdom and resilience.

red tra logo

Color in Balance 

The colors have meaning as well. Red represents of the blood of our biological lineage continuing through time. For the love we have for one another, and unconditional love of the Creator.

The black signifies the fleeting of time, and a call to action for each individual to be present and live to the fullest. All our thoughts and actions are imprinted in the world around us demonstrated by the color black. It reminds us to create the world we want and to live authentically. How we live is reflected by those who choose to follow our lead.

The duality of red and black together signify the duality of the night of Father Sky and the blood of Mother Earth- her waters and rivers. May we live in balance within ourselves and with the natural world.