Handcrafted Drums


Science shows that drumming 4 beats per second for 12- 14 minutes switches us to the theta brain wave state. This is the place of luminous awareness otherwise referred to as shamanic state of consciousness. Here we can obtain guidance about our lives and communicate with the Divine.

Sonic Driving or repetitious sound helps people to move beyond their logical, linear mind and into more of a meditative state through relaxation and grounding. This is especially beneficial for those with autism and ADD/ADHD.

Drumming can be beneficial for whole person balance and wellness. Using the drum regularly allows the conscious brain to sit aside so healing can occur. This is apparent mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and socially as well.

Put self directed healing at your fingertips with a drum and discover how simply integrating it into your life can assist in releasing blocked energy and heavy emotions and return you to a state of harmony and connectedness.

Customize Your New Drum

I wanted to talk to you a little bit about the changes that we’ve made in ordering drums. So now instead of going into the shop and picking out a drum that’s already made, you can choose to have one with customizations.

Hozho’ Healing Drums

There are three levels of customizations for handcrafted drums to help you easily choose the right option for your needs. Every drum comes with a card that describes the medicine of the animal hide used and a tag indicating it has been created by an enrolled tribal member of the Navajo Nation. A beater is included with your purchase and the drums all have a loop for easy hanging. All of our drums and turtle shell rattles are created in sacred space and smudged.


12” Kids Drum or “Grandma” Drum is smaller in size and easier to hold because of less weight. This is a nice sized drum for a child up to about 11 or 12 or someone preferring a smaller size drum. Important note: the tone of a drum is deeper and more intense with larger size. If you are purchasing for a lower tone and more reverberation, please choose 15” drum.


15” Hand Drum on 10 Layer Maple Frame for Durability


Customizations for a Truly Personal Touch

  • $20 – add a 16 sided cedar frame
  • $10 – add a colored beater – choose from purple, black, red, blue, turquoise
  • $15 – add a color to your drum frame – choose from purple, black (matte or gloss), aqua, green, cherry wood, or sea foam. Have another color in mind? We can probably do it!


Medicine Drum: Have personal meeting with Kristina either over the phone or video conferencing to discuss what you want to get out of your drum and how it will be used. Kristina will intuitively connect to you and the animal hide and create a drum that specifically weaves together your medicine. You are encouraged to bring any blessings, gratitude, or intentions to your session that you would like to include. It will be imprinted into your drum during the creation process to bring energetic healing to you every time it is played. Your piece of functional art will be named, dated, and signed. A video that highlights the meaning of your drum and the details will be posted on the Hozho’ Healing you tube channel for you to access anytime and share with your friends.

  • $222 – add to drum of your choice