Sacred Directions Medicine Wheel

Held at Hozho’ Healing Wellness Community in Green Bay Wisconsin



Learn how to navigate through the Sacred Directions Medicine Wheel Journey with grace and ease. Help yourself to remember: who you are, what your purpose for being here is, how to heal the scars of life, and use this new wisdom to move to your highest potential. You will learn and experience ancient and modern techniques and practices for healing as you develop and strengthen your relationship with the Creator and the natural world through ritual and ceremony.

The journeys, meditations, and exercises teach you about the elements that affect your daily life. Earth, water, air and fire. These life givers are directly related to breathing, meditation, grounding, drumming/rattling, and holding energy and emotional trauma in our chakra’s.

The Sacred Directions program connects you to your lineage to bring understanding that your ancestors play an integral role in your makeup and life. Cutting energetic cords and ties to people and behaviors releases you from toxic relationships, behaviors, and thought patterns that restrict you from living a more fulfilling life.

It awakes recognition that you are more than just a person going through the motions in life. You are a soul with a purpose connected to a whole. This ignites an inner motivation and drive to grow and move beyond your previous limitations. The key to experiencing boundless joy is finding you hold the key by understanding these limitations and choosing a new belief system where you are enough and you have everything you need.

Sacred Directions Testimonial

Sacred Directions Program

I wanted to talk a little bit about Sacred Directions. Our Sacred Directions program- personal healing through shamanism is now online.

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