Sacred Directions

Medicine Wheel

Learn, Let Go, Create Change

Sacred Directions offers participants the opportunity to create changes in their life on an energetic level that ripples out to the physical realm. This type of medicine is important because it generationally heals you, your predecessors, and your successors. The burdens and heavy experiences of our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and so on are interwoven into our physical DNA and effect your energetic and luminous field.


YOU are birthed into this world carrying the experiences of others. Over time you accumulate heavy baggage of your own as you grow and live life. These experiences are toxic to your system and can cause unnecessary stress on the mind, body, and spirit leading to a state of dis-ease. If left unaddressed, an energetic block is created within the body and can lead to serious physical illnesses or death. When you begin to understand that you are an energetic being and learn to maintain your own energy, you can gain the tools to be able to take back your power and manage your own personal wellness.


Through Personal Transformation

Learn how to navigate through you life using the techniques taught in Sacred Directions Medicine Wheel training. Help yourself to remember: who you are, what your purpose for being here is, how to heal the scars of life, and use this new wisdom to move to your highest potential. You will have the opportunity to learn and experience ancient and modern techniques and practices for healing. You may choose to develop and strengthen your relationship with the Creator and the natural world through ritual and ceremony.


The journeys, meditations, and exercises can offer you teachings about the elements that affect your daily life. Earth, water, air and fire ~ these life givers are directly related to breathing, meditation, grounding, drumming/rattling, and holding energy and emotional trauma in our chakra’s.

The Sacred Directions program can connect you to your lineage to bring understanding in your life. Explore ways to heal intergenerational trauma, wounds, and address negative thought patterns that may restrict you from living a more fulfilling life. 


It awakes recognition that you are more than just a person going through the motions in life.

You are a soul with a purpose connected to a whole.

This ignites an inner motivation and drive to grow and move beyond your previous limitations. The key to experiencing boundless joy is finding you hold the key by understanding these limitations and choosing a new belief system where you are enough and you have everything you need.

Join Our Circle

This is our most sought after program for personal healing. It is more than tools and techniques, it may help curate a new way of living. Participants share they have felt a positive impact on their lives and have made friendships within this sacred circle of people.

Sacred Directions Testimonials

Sacred Directions Program

Listen to Kristina talk a little bit more about Sacred Directions and how this personal healing through shamanism is now available online.