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Carrying on a Legacy

Kristina Shares…

I am honored to be able to carry on the legacy of Mavis Pittilla. Her philosophy and teachings remain the highest caliber I have ever found. Her respect for the Spirit World and more than 50-year devotion to the profession has surpassed others.

Mavis has helped me to bring healing to both worlds, through the mentorship programs curated by Mavis Pittilla and her wife and partner Jean Else. Their well-rounded mentorship programs are focused on the development of the Whole Medium. They continue to support me today as I carry on her legacy. 

A Milestone Opportunity…

My relationship with both Mavis Pittilla and Jean Else grew over the years. I hold them close to my heart and I am ever grateful for the support and friendship they have provided me over the years. 

The title of Mavis Pittilla Authorized and Fully Certificated Teacher means more to me than I can express in words. It is the call of my soul reaching a milestone. I am home.

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Under Mavis’ Wings…

Kristina has been under the tutelage of Mavis Pittilla and Jean Else since the first time she met them in Chicago at a training in 2017. She immediately felt at home and called to work with them extensively. Kristina was in search of someone that shared her high respect for the Spirit World. She found that and more in both Mavis and Jean.

Mavis’ philosophy, service, and experience drew her in and Mavis and Jean became her mentors. Kristina attended and participated in many years of mentorships, conferences and intensives, Divine services, and lectures Mavis provided throughout the United States.

Kristina was delighted to travel to the United Kingdom to serve in the churches and learn during the Mavis Pittilla Memorial Week in 2022. In 2023, Kristina completed her Teaching the Teachers program and graduated as an Authorized and Fully Certificated Mavis Pittilla teacher.

She is honored and proud to carry on the teachings that have helped her grow so much and the legacy of one of the women that supported her journey the most.

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Spiritual Mediumship Reading by Kristina

  • A spiritual mediumship reading consists of a medium connecting with your loved ones who have already crossed over. For many people, this sacred communication can be very healing and bring closure and begin to heal the trauma and wounding of losing those we are close to.

    It is our hope that the information provided during session bring a sense of peace to the sitter, knowing that life does continue even after this Earthly plane.