Customize Your New Drum

Written by Hozho’ Healing
February 3, 2021

Hi everyone! I wanted to talk to you a little bit about the changes that we’ve made in ordering drums. So now instead of going into the shop and picking out a drum that’s already made, you can choose to have one with customizations. 

So it’s divided up by animal hides, and also has listed the medicine that each animal brings to your drum. Another choice is size. We can make you a drum anywhere from 12 inches to 15 inches. That’s our standard sized drums. If you needed to make something different, we can arrange for that as well. 

Also, some people have really enjoyed us adding color to their frame over the last couple years. So now you can optimize colors on your order form as well, or if you just choose to have the natural color of the wood that is fine too. 

Another option that we have added is a 16 sided cedar frame if you prefer or the traditional maple frame. 

What I have here is a drum that has been made with specific prayers, intentions, and blessings into it. Every single spot on this drum is made special. For this I’ve done journey and meditation work to really refine what the meaning of this drum is and imprinted a medicine into it with healing ceremony. That way every time the person plays this drum, they’re receiving the benefits of that healing and of that creation process. 

In fact, the back is wrapped special to coincide with the meaning of it, as well as on the front. 

Something else that we have added is, if you would like to receive a medicine drum, the one that is the made just for you and your unique situation, will do is get you a meeting with me, Kristina. It could be over the phone or on zoom. We live in different times don’t we? So we got to do what we can do. 

We will really sit down and find out what your drum needs to be for you. Is it for you? Is it for other people? Who’s going to be using it and how can we help the most in your world? Then we’ll construct that for you with that ceremony for the medicine drum

Our drums are now divided into categories ranging from bronze up to Platinum so it makes it very easy to order and you can choose what’s right for you at this time in your life. We hope you’ll check us out on our website Thank you.

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