Ceremonial Spiritual Mediumship Training

Written by Hozho’ Healing
February 3, 2021

Hello Everyone! 2020 has been filled with many unknowns, including the big one, that none of us can say as not touched their life in one way or another, COVID-19. Due to this virus, we’ve changed the way that we work, the way that we live, including the perceptions of the world around us. 

This year has brought many things to many people. But the one I feel is so profound is the loss of our loved ones without having contact with them. Not being able to be in the hospital with someone, someone that we care about, even a spouse, when they’re sick. When they go on a ventilator, or even when they cross over. This leaves that raw, unsettled and unfinished feeling within the person here. And I can only imagine that is the same for the person on the other side, there’s something missing. 

As for the people here, we’re upset and we’re struggling; we’re grieving. Many people have not been able to have a memorial service, or a funeral. These are the things that really tell the story of the person’s life that we loved. It provides us connection and closure, so that we can grieve and release and let them go. 

What I feel is coming to a head here is that in the present and even more so in the future, that the healers and the light workers will begin to come to the frontlines. They will become the energy essential workers. Because it’s not only been geographical mass wounding, it has become a global, widespread, cultural wounding of the human being grieving the loss of a loved one. 

If you feel like you are a medium, or you’re practicing medium and you really want to develop your skills further, or even put yourself out into the world to become the essential worker of the future. I would encourage you to come to one of our mediumship classes, or even allow yourself the opportunity to come to one of our intensives. 

We will be holding class in San Mateo, Costa Rica, at the Villa Inti Wasi Retreat Center in mediumship both May 2021 and August of 2021, with different topics. It is a small class, limited to 10 students. This way you get all the opportunity in the world for personal work and practice. 

Allow yourself to really let your light shine, to stand tall, and allow your soul to rise up to fulfill its archetypes plan – its purpose. Surrounded by people who are like minded, who can hold you, help critique you, and really refine you to be of service, not just to the people here, but to the people in the spirit world who are reaching out to us right now. 

You can be the person who heals both worlds. Now we may not all be TV mediums, but it only takes one person to make a difference and I invite you to join us. For more information visit www.hozhohealing.com.

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