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This training program meets  four sessions and includes: classroom instruction, hands-on-practice, experiential exercises, rites of passage, and ceremony.

Learn how to navigate through your life with grace and ease by applying what you learned from the Sacred Directions Medicine Wheel training program.

Help yourself to remember: who you are, what your purpose for being here is, how to heal the scars of life, and use the wisdom gained to move forward to your highest potential.

Learn and experience ancient shamanic practices for healing as you develop and strengthen your relationship with Spirit through ritual and ceremony.

Explore ancient teachings of healers, shamans, and medicine people from around the world and the link to modern day science.

Join us in the Sacred Directions Medicine Wheel training program and you will have the opportunity learn how to: courageously examine your shadows, forgive and let go, expand in integrity, walk in grace and beauty, and honor Mother Earth and yourself by living in gratitude.

We are all here to go through the sacred directions of life's journey. Together we learn from each other. This journey can be many things, and different for each individual. Your “free will” choices and perceptions create your experiences in life. The focus of this class is to understand what this human experience is really all about and how the process works. The Sacred Directions Medicine Wheel Training Program is the compass that guides you through your life's experiences.

South Direction: Your journey around the Medicine Wheel begins in the sacred South by exploring the foundation in energy medicine practices. You will be encouraged to open up to the things in your past that have caused you pain but are now ready to let go of, like a snake that sheds it skin. The snake which dwells in the south teaches us to release the things that no longer serve us, and move forward in life with a fresh perspective. Moving past old stories and allowing new energy and possibilities in is the stepping stone for the creation of a better life.

West Direction: In the sacred West direction invites you will explore the deep shadows of your hidden subconscious mind and examine how negative energies affect your health and well-being. You will learn how to: identify and release ancestral imprints, develop trust in your inner voice, and use your intuition to stay in the flow with spiritual guidance.

North Direction: The opportunity to evolve into the light of your authentic self awaits you in the sacred North direction. Allow yourself to tap into the collective, your gifts, and the wisdom of your ancestors and guides. Live in humble gratitude. Use ancient techniques of soul retrieval to call back the fragments of your soul that broke away due to trauma and create wholeness and harmony in your life.

East Direction: The sacred East direction allows you will examine your soul’s journey to see how the choices you make in life become woven into the stories of those around you. Learn to die consciously, let go of stories that hold you back, and be reborn to a life that is created by your healed, authentic and fearless self. Humbly allow your gifts to grow unencumbered by self doubt, and dare to experience the best part of yourself and your connection to all that is with Love.

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