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Includes a signed paperback copy of the newly released book "Signs & Synchronicities", from featured contributing author, Kristina Nez Begay, as well as an Occupy Sacred Space bumper sticker.

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Signs & Synchronicities is a collection of inspiring stories of profound connection. The contributors of this book generously share their beautiful and vulnerable experiences, illuminating the power of divine guidance in our lives.

Allow these inspiring tales to be a roadmap, providing evidence of the unseen forces that shape our lives. Open your heart and mind to an undeniable truth: We are not alone, and the Universe always has our back. Magic exists in the everyday moments of life!
Kristina Nez Begay is the featured author of "The Gift of 44 Turkey Vultures"

Contributing Authors from Around the World:
Tracey Peffer, Achsah Sparks, Lori Sheridan, Ann Kremer, Kristina Nez Begay, Kim Bracken, Kelly Fisher, Stephen Berkley, Wendy Bristol, Manuela Marx, Louise du Lac, Mary Dooley, Ana Leyva, Sandy Turkington, Lou Ann Beecher, Kelley Eckhardt, Rometris Christine, Maura O’Leary, Sharon Elam, Kelly Clair, Leanne McDonald, Maria Verdeschi, Michelle Morgan Black, Briar Pashko, Jenna Galligani, Vivian Aubin, Kare, Brandi Khan, Ma’at, Danielle Butler, Macy Jozsef, Tracy Mockwitz, Aida Lee, Sylvia Reaves, Tracey Escobar, Robin Clayton, Jessica Qualey, Karen Patchett, Melanie McMurtry, Vicki Joyce Braden, Ph. D., Mary Harpin, Sally Malik, Melba Stetz, Erica Castro, Michele Rothberg, Keri Stringfield, Diana Norton, Nancy Whitehead-Smith, Alyson Gannon


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Book Bundle

1 Book: Signed copy of "Signs & Synchronicities", from featured contributing author, Kristina Nez Begay, as well as an Occupy Sacred Space bumper sticker., 2 Books: Signed copy of each: "Signs & Synchronicities" and "The Last Breath", from featured contributing author, Kristina Nez Begay, as well as an Occupy Sacred Space bumper sticker.

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