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Feb 8 (Sat) at School of Sound and Healing

Next Class : Saturday, February 8, 2020
Taught at Angel Light 13300 Watertown Plank Road Elm Grove, WI. Register: call 262-787-3001.

· Manifesting with Intention- Intention can be defined as “the projection of awareness, with purpose and efficacy, toward some object or outcome.” This class will teach students how to measure the strength of the human energy field. Students will discover how they can influence physical matter via positive versus negative thought, intentions, affirmations and sound. They will discover how they can influence physical matter via highly motivated and targeted thought. This class involves active participation and will provide students with the basic components for creating their own intention statements that have a healing focus for self- and/or other’s healing. Learning Outcomes: Students will describe how words and intention play a significant part in wellness, in sound healing, and in allopathic medicine. Given examples, students will be able to identify and differentiate between intentions.