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NEXT Class: Saturday, February 8, 2020

at School of Sound and Healing Taught at Angel Light 13300 Watertown Plank Road Elm Grove, WI. Register: call 262-787-3001.


· Manifesting with Sound- This experiential class will include scientific evidence of brain wave states with focus on the Theta Brain Wave which is considered a shamanic state of consciousness or luminous awareness. Students will explore why the Theta Brain Wave state is the frequency that people are striving to achieve through mediation, yoga, and other types of energy work. Students will also explore rhythmic drumming as a tool to relax and release any heaviness causing energetic blockages. Learning Outcomes: Students will be able to demonstrate basic drumming techniques to facilitate deep relaxation and a Theta Brain Wave state. They will be able to communicate in a group setting how intention affected the outcome of their experience and what clarity they received because of the drumming experience.